It’s bean a long time, so I brought you chili.

WOW, everyone…it has been WAY TOO long since I’ve spent some time with you. WAYYYY too long. But, as they say, “better late than never,” right? Things have been pretty wild since my last posting, to say the least. 

I will spare you the nitty-gritty details, but I’ve been finishing my dissertation (still in progress, ETA this coming March); teaching an undergrad course; and taking over as a platoon leader in the Army Reserve. And, most recently, I survived the arduous interview process for an assistant professor position, accepting an offer just yesterday! Things are getting interesting!

I would like to make up for all this lost time with you by posting some elaborate, trendy nutrition buzzworthy info. But, I just don’t have it in me yet! Momma is tired! I did want to jump back on here to thank all of you reading this. Without your support, I couldn’t have made it through some of the moments of self-doubt along this journey. You all mean a lot to me, and I am grateful for each of you.

The best I can do today is to share what I feel is my coveted chili recipe. I do not consider my blog to be a “recipe blog;” but it seems fitting for this fall season, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. You can make it on the stovetop or Crockpot, whichever is easier for you! Fun fact: the reason I encourage you to drain and rinse the beans has nothing to do with sodium. It actually reduces some of the gas-producing compounds from the beans. You. Are. Welcome. 

Thanks for sticking with me all this time, you rock. Please comment if you try my chili, and let me know what you thought!

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No Stove? No Problem!

Hello wonderful readers! I realize it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted something. Although I feel this statement is completely overused, here goes: I have been crazy busy. Army training, doctorate work, and family-ing have been in the forefront throughout the past few months, especially in light of the current global pandemic. But, it’s good to be back for a minute.

And, I’m excited to say all I have left of my doctorate is the last two chapters of my dissertation…and then it’s a wrap! It’s not been easy, but it’s been quite fulfilling. Thank you to you all for being such faithful supporters. I will lean on that support heavily during these last 6-8ish months to finish this doctoral journey!

I’m sure you’re hoping I have a point to this post; I do! Due to some Army training that had to happen (yep, the show must go on, even during COVID-19, just…more carefully) I have been living in a hotel room for an extended period. This experience has inspired me to share with you tips on unconventional healthy eating ideas.


I often hear people use the excuse that they can’t eat healthy because they don’t have much kitchen space. Or they can’t eat healthy because they travel a lot. Or they can’t eat healthy because “cooking for one is impossible.” Well, these are usually perceived barriers, not actual barriers. With some ingenuity, anything is possible.

I realize my examples are built for my palate and preferences, and therefore they may not be exactly what will work for you. This just underscores the importance of working with a registered dietitian nutritionist for a truly tailor-made plan that is customized for YOU!

What I have in my hotel room for a “kitchen” is a microwave and mini-fridge. It’s like a walk down memory lane from being in my college dorm!

Here are some supplies I found particularly helpful:

  • Camping dishware and utensils: a reusable/washable plate, bowl, cup, knife, fork and spoon.
  • Reusable water bottles
  • A small bottle of dish soap
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Paper towels

Here are some makeshift meals I have found simple and tasty so far:

Salmon or tuna, cottage cheese, avocado, and greens
Safe Catch salmon or tuna pouch
– Full-fat cottage cheese
– A small, ripe avocado
– Greens of choice (I love arugula)


A classic (but healthier) peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Dave’s Killer Bread (any variety, I bought the teensy ones this time, but I often prefer the “regular” slices). Natural peanut butter = only ingredients are peanuts and salt if it’s truly “natural.”
– Real fruit jelly


Noosa with granola
– If you’re wondering if Noosa is healthy or not…I wrote an entire chapter about this in my second book!
– There are plenty of great granolas which exist, just try to find one that’s not caked with added sugar and/or artificial ingredients. Recently I have been using this one, which has been awesome.


Granola, milk, berries
– A long-time favorite of mine when eating granola more like a bowl of cereal has been this one.


A few other ideas I plan to incorporate are:

  • Walnuts, pears, gorgonzola, balsamic vinegar, greens
  • A classic (but healthier) deli meat sandwich: Dave’s Killer Bread, mashed avocado, deli meat, greens
  • Caprese salad: fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, sliced tomatoes, greens, balsamic vinegar
  • Mixed nuts coupled with fresh fruit
  • Rotisserie chicken with raw, cut vegetables and Triscuits

The gold standard of eating is half a plate of dark, colorful, non-starchy vegetables; a quarter of the plate a protein-rich food; a quarter of the plate a nutrient-dense carbohydrate-rich food; and inclusion of a small amount of healthy fat in one or all of these sections.

The silver standard of eating is to make sure you at least have the three most important pillars of healthy eating included: protein, fat, and fiber. All of the examples I provided meet either the gold or silver standard of eating.

As stated previously, these tastes and ideas may not suit you. But, hopefully they spark some creative ideas you can use either at home or on the road. Please feel free to comment with your experiences with makeshift, on-the-go meal ideas!


Cheers! Xoxo – Casey

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