What is in the Dietitian’s Pantry?

What's in a Dietitian's Pantry?-2

Just for fun (and because I get asked frequently), I thought I’d compile a list of some of my favorite nutrition-related products.  I should mention that this is more of a brand-specific post, and that I do NOT receive any commission for mentioning any of these; I just truly love them!

With no particular rhyme nor reason as to the order,
these are a few of my favorite things:

  • Triscuits
    • Although I wish they would nix the soybean oil and use something better, I do love that Triscuits are simply made, 100% whole grain, and therefore REAL FOOD.  And Triscuits are now non-GMO, which rocks.  I love using Triscuits as vessels on which I can eat my coveted mashed avocado and boiled egg mixture.
  • Noosa
    • I know, I know “but it has so much sugar!”  Yes, Noosa has added sugar.  However, the total grams of sugar on the Nutrition Facts label does not distinguish “added” sugar versus “natural” sugar.  Noosa contains a decent amount of lactose (natural milk sugar), so tone down the panic a few notches.  I would also add that if a little added sugar or honey mixed in with the real fruit purees that Noosa uses are what make it taste THAT AWESOME, then I’m truly ok with a small bit of added sugar in my yogurt.  Many of us are not getting nearly enough calcium-rich food in our daily routine, and Noosa helps us out with that!  My top three absolute favorite flavors are strawberry rhubarb, lemon, and pumpkin.
  • Kind bars
    • One of my littles has to pack 2 pre-packaged snacks every single day for school. My first thought was “gasp…all the processing…how shall she survive…”  However, some packaged foods have come a long way, and could even qualify as real food.  Kind bars are one of them.  I’ve not tried or reviewed all of them, but most have very minimal ingredients consisting of 100% whole grains and other cool nutrient-dense stuff.
  • Lara bars
    • Similar to the situation with the Kind bars, Lara bars are incredibly simply made yet divine.  Most Lara bars have maybe 3-5 ingredients (fruit and nuts), and they are so very tasty.
  • Dave’s Killer Bread
    • These dudes are brilliant.  Sprouting grains (like those used to make this type of bread) makes the nutrients more readily available for us to absorb.  This bread is hearty, delicious, and insanely nutrient-rich when compared to lesser breads.  Don’t settle!  It does happen to be rather expensive, but worth it if you can swing it.
  • Tillamook cheese
    • I don’t know if I’m becoming a cheese snob, but Tillamook cheddar cheese is the bomb.com.  Simply put.  Natural cheese like this is much better for you than any of that fake stuff (American cheese, Velveeta, etc.).
  • Imagine Organic Tomato Soup
    • Few ingredients, all recognizable; simple and healthy.  Perfect with a grilled cheese (made with Tillamook cheese and Dave’s Killer Bread of course!).
  • Sprouts Farmers Market
    • Ok, so I realize this is a broad statement, but Sprouts is by far my favorite grocery store EVER.  I will give King Soopers a decent second, as they are really making a solid effort to have more of the hippy-dippy natural stuff I like AND they have ClickList; and Trader Joe’s is third on my list.  But Sprouts is the only place where I can find soy-free tuna fish and some other specific things.  (Most popular tuna fish brands are packed in vegetable [aka soy] broth.  Not the end of the world, but not my idea of a good time.)
  • Thai Lime & Chili Cashews
    • Found exclusively at Trader Joe’s, these are like spicy little pieces of heaven on Earth. They definitely have a kick, so be forewarned…only for the heat-seeking.  Warning: highly addicting; don’t eat straight from the bag…
  • Kodiak Pancake Mix
    • Bless the hearts of the creators of this stuff.  I realize I could probably make a 100% whole grain, real-food mix of my own…but I simply don’t really feel like it.  The makers of this stuff have answered my prayers for a way to have pancakes and waffles that are protein-rich and nutrient-dense.  If you’re having conventional pancakes or waffles, keep in mind that you’re eating the equivalent of birthday cake for breakfast.  Think about that for a second…
  • Elderberry syrup
    • So, this doesn’t really qualify as “food,” but it’s worth mentioning here. Elderberry syrup is evidence-based to interfere with viral reproduction when taken during the onset of acute illness.  In other words, it can prevent you from becoming significantly ill or at least reduce the duration of your illness.  A must-have for every medicine cabinet.
  • DoTerra Essential Oils
    • Also not a “food;” but, like Elderberry, certain essential oils have literature supporting their effects on viruses, bacteria, and overall immune support. Some are ingestible, others are meant to diffuse within the air and breathe.  Check them out.

I will digress for now.  Please keep in mind that this was just a list of my favorite name-brand products, but I often buy mostly generic brands of things.  I also didn’t list all my overall favorite foods (like avocados) because that wasn’t my angle today.  Some of you can’t have grains; others can’t have lactose.  I get that these awesome foods will not fit everyone’s need.  This list is not the end-all-be-all mecca of good health.  As previously noted, I just thought I’d share a list of specific products I love.

You know what else I love?  You for reading this.  Please do me a favor and share lettucetalk with those you know!  It is the season for sharing, after all…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

xoxo – Casey

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