Guest Blog from the Husband!

Guest blog from the husband!

All this time I thought the husband was simply annoyed with all this talk about nutrition, and it turns out he was listening more than I realized.  My amazing husband, John, is making a guest appearance today!  Enjoy.

4 Things from Johnny C.

  1. If you want to lose weight, go talk to the meatheads in the gym.  If you want to be healthy, talk to a dietitian.  Losing weight is a side affect of being healthy….not the other way around.


  1. The older a food is, the better it is for you.  I don’t mean how long it’s been sitting on the counter, I mean how long it’s been in existence on the planet.  Apples….pretty good for you.  Tootsie rolls…not so much.  It’s not perfect but it’s a fair general rule.  Food items that have been around since before mass processing and preservatives are most likely more healthy than new ideas like Spam or Oreos.


  1. There’s nothing to eat!  We have a fridge full of nothing to eat.  It’s ok to munch of fruit when you’re watching a football game.


  1. Good fat, bad fat, bowl full of sat fat.  Fat can be good, and fat can be bad, but saturated fat is the latest fad.  Is good fat good, do you think we should?  Is bad fat worse, is it the worst thing in the universe?  Ok the point here is that too many people spend too much time saying dumb/cute/wasteful things about coconut oil.  Cook with it if you like the taste or lather up and get a tan if you don’t.  At least it’s a relatively natural thing.  The argument/discussion should be about balance and quantity of intake, not the specific quality of every element ingested.  Eat good natural things as much as possible; but life is short…have some ice cream.


It’s as cute & funny as it is true.  I like how he can simplify my thoughts yet make the same main points so clearly.

See ya again real soon!  xoxo – Casey

2 thoughts on “Guest Blog from the Husband!

  1. Love the advice!


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