I’m Bringin’ Breakfast Back

the mostdeliciousand healthysnacks to eat

A while back, you may have seen a post on Facebook regarding “sweet potato toast.” Well, I’m bringing it back today. (You’re welcome.) 

It would seem that breakfast tends to be the most difficult meal for us to include balance. We are in a society that has a heavy emphasis on carbohydrate-rich foods. Thank you former, crappy food guide pyramid…ugh.


I, myself, often have difficulty choosing a yummy breakfast that contains protein-rich foods, healthy fats, and whole grains all at once. Including balance is important, and it is doable; it’s just tricky sometimes. In swoops sweet potato toast to the rescue!

I have many other ideas for your breakfast needs, but today is brought to you by those ugly, misshapen gems that we know and love as sweet potatoes.

Please note that my “recipe” does not contain specific measurements or nutrition stats. I tend to not focus on numbers of any kind when it comes to eating; rather, I focus on finding ways to include as much nutrition into my meal while maintaining a reasonable balance of foods and listening to my body. If you have a health condition that requires you to count something, message me and I can help you out. Otherwise, please just eat food and enjoy it!


An ideal, healthy meal will be about 1/4 protein-rich food, 1/4 whole grains OR starchy vegetables, and 1/2 non-starchy vegetables. Fruit and milk products can (and should) be included in small, creative ways. Breakfast can and should fit this profile as much as possible. I’ve recently developed a love for leafy greens with my eggs and toast. Think outside the box, people.

However, at a minimum, your breakfast should be part protein-rich foods (including some healthy fats), and a whole grain or starchy vegetable. A sweet potato would be considered a starchy vegetable, which would fulfill the 1/4 plate thing. The topping ideas below each contain some protein-rich foods and healthy fats.

All right, without further adieu, let’s get going with some deliciousness.

Tools needed:

  • Toaster
  • Sharp knife
  • Cutting board
  • Patience


Ingredients needed:

  • Sweet potato(es)
  • Toppings vary; see recipes below



  • Choose big, fat sweet potatoes so you have wide surfaces for your toppings
  • Scrub your sweet potatoes with a veggie brush and some cool water.
  • Cut slices from the sweet potato that are about no more than 1/4” thick.
  • Place slices in toaster on a high setting (higher than you use for toast)
    • Timing and setting depend on your toaster.
    • I used the highest setting (9) on mine.
    • You might have to do more than one toast cycle.
    • Be sure to check on your slices periodically until you perfect the setting/timing situation.


Topping idea #1: Sunflower seed butter & honey

  • I personally have greatly enjoyed a product that comes premixed with this yummy combo – see more about it here.
  • Note that you could use any nut butter and it would likely be phenomenal.
  • If you’re adding honey, go easy…less is more.

Topping idea #2: Peanut butter, real maple syrup & chopped pecans

  • Peanut butter rule: read the ingredients. Peanut butter needs only two ingredients: peanuts and salt. If your peanut butter has additional ingredients, please note they are not necessary and sometimes harmful.  If you have a super-strong blender or food processor, you can make your own peanut butter in about 3 minutes…
  • Go easy on the maple syrup, and I only recommend the real stuff (not Aunt Jemima corn syrup with brown coloring).
  • You can buy pecans that are already chopped. They are usually either in the baking aisle or sometimes in the produce section somewhere.
  • A dash of cinnamon adds further delightfulness to this already amazing creation.
  • This is kid and baby-approved (pending any unknown food allergies…proceed with caution…)


Topping idea #3: Mashed avocado & scrambled eggs

  • Pretty self-explanatory. If your avocado is ripe (gives slightly when gently squeezed), it should mash beautifully.
  • I like to put on the avocado first, then “sprinkle” the scrambled eggs on top
  • Tip for avocados: once they are ripe on the countsweetpot2er, that is the perfect time to place them in the refrigerator. You can lengthen their life by about an extra week using this method.

I hope you enjoy these ideas. Be adventurous! If you find other great topping ideas, please feel free to comment and share the love!

Until next time, [wipes sunflower seed butter off face], be sure to check out the archived articles (found on the bottom of this page) for more fun-filled nutrition guidance.

xoxo – Casey

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