March is National Nutrition Month!

Happy National Nutrition Month!  What a fabulous time of year to take inventory on your lifestyle.  Perhaps you are ready to start drinking more water and less soda?  Perhaps it’s time to dust off the slow-cooker and ease your way into cooking more meals at home?  Maybe you have a health condition that you haven’t been managing well?  A registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) may be able to help.  If you’ve ever wondered what is the difference between a “dietitian” versus a “nutritionist,” here is a great description.   If you’d like more information on National Nutrition Month 2017, click here.


Odds are you might be surprised to know the wide array of nutrition counseling services an RDN provides.  RDNs can help manage/treat chronic (and some acute) health conditions via medical nutrition therapy and they can help guide you toward healthy weight loss or gain.  RDNs translate the science of the biochemical and physiological impact of nutrition on the human body into simple-to-understand information you can practically apply to your daily life.  RDNs not only teach the information, but they also help you with behavior change concepts necessary in order to modify habits.


As an RDN myself, I often get asked for a “diet plan” or a “meal plan.”  Personally, I probably will never make a diet plan for anyone.  Although this stance of mine might sound anti-my-job, it isn’t.  If I wrote out a week’s plan of eating for you, yet you never learn exactly how or why I put those particular foods together, then what’s the point?  I know we all want the quick fix; but my job is to teach concepts to you that you can use every single day.  I can give you examples of meals or snacks to support the concepts taught; but I hope to never have to actually sit down and type up a “menu” for someone.  How atrocious.  Please don’t ask.


On the contrary, I am beyond happy to have a discussion about macronutrient and/or micronutrient needs; weight loss; chronic health condition management; nutrition for the kiddos; and much more. I encourage you to seek assistance from an RDN through a series (not just one visit – it won’t even scratch the surface!) of counseling sessions if you are trying to lose weight and/or you have a chronic health condition you are seeking to improve. Asking a few questions to an RDN in a 10 min or even 30 min conversation does not compare to seeking counsel from an RDN one-on-one.


As always, be selective and careful where you get your advice. Somehow everyone who eats food has suddenly become a self-proclaimed expert in nutrition overnight. I imagine you’d only trust a credentialed dentist (DDS) to drill into your teeth; I hope you would only trust a credentialed dietitian (RDN) to provide your nutrition counseling.


If there are topics you hope to see addressed on my blog, feel free to send requests! Cheers to delicious, healthy foods.



One thought on “March is National Nutrition Month!

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